As Polikur, our infrastructure for the general sponge and household cleaning products sectors was started in 1970. As of today, we cater to different sectors with our various sponge, household cleaning products, adhesive tape and lamination plant.

We will continue to work together with our domestic and international wholesalers and partners with our extensive infrastructure and know-how.

Our mission and vision

To serve our customers for many years without sacrificing reliability and quality.

Production Policy

Confident in the products we manufacture, standing behind her to trust a company that partners continue to be ongoing for many years and our extensive manufacturing opportunities of our infrastructure our quality policy and standards combine to be the solution partner for our customers we work.

Our Areas Of Activity

Thanks to our wide production network, we partner solutions to many sectors including cleaning products, packaging, ceramics, vitrifying, automotive, textile and medical sectors. Our machine inventory, which we are expanding every day, carries our production range and potential forward. All kinds of open-closed cell, polyurethane, polyethylene, polyester, cellulosic and similar raw materials in different densities, grades and colors are used by us in accordance with the demands and needs of our customers.